Patient-Centered Therapies & Solutions

Your best interest is at the heart of our mission - At Passages, we understand that what’s best for one patient may not be the case for another. Individualized care and concern are what makes our services superior. 

Each patient is unique and our staff and programs are committed to creating an experience that is sensitive to each person’s emotional, intellectual and physical well-being. We subscribe to a philosophy that’s rooted in each patient’s needs and each family’s foremost wishes and concerns. 

You and your loved ones deserve a greater standard in palliative care- our services are designed to accomplish this level of excellence.

Therapies that Suit You – Music, Art, Equine, Pet Treatments, Horiticultural, and Massage

Music in itself can heal and calm the mind.  Music encourages tranquility and rejuvenation in times of fear and despair. Music helps to answer questions about our beliefs and convictions, comforting us individually and bringing us together collectively. Music helps us to understand others and ourselves, to console when there are no words and to create new avenues for communication. Often times, what can’t be expressed in plain words can be conveyed in music. Music is a means to peace, contentment and consolation.

Art is a creative process that stimulates positivity.  Therapeutic art is based on the belief that creativity is an effective remedy that also enhances the quality of life for people who engage themselves. Art therapy can be used to raise patient insights, cope with stress, work through traumatic experiences and promote better relationships with family and friends. Put simply, art provides people with a new channel for self-expression. Further, art fosters a greater feeling of awareness and contributes to the healing process.

Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) is a wonderful tool used to assist patients in self-learning. Horses are typically non-judgmental and have no expectations or motives. Therefore, a patient has the opportunity to increase their personal interactions without fear of rejection.

The horse assists in making patients aware of their emotional state. Through working with the horse, patients can gain insight into their feelings, behaviors, patterns, and boundaries.

Equine therapy is limited to those patients who can travel to and from the Equine facility in Elgin, have the stamina to go through the one-hour session, and can withstand some temperature change.
Referrals for this service are coordinated through the patient’s primary care nurse and social worker. A physician order is required for equine therapy.

Pet Visits can provide unparalleled companionship. In certain cases, pets provide remedies that humans cannot offer. They can be used to help improve wellness and cognitive functioning, and can also be an effective method to mitigate loneliness, reduce blood pressure, manage depression and stimulate happiness.

Horticultural therapy encourages communication, relieves stress and creates a care-free world where sickness and worry don't exist for a few hours.

Massage therapy is proven to be very effective for some hospice patients in managing stress and alleviating pain. Using holistic approaches like massage therapy can reduce the need for some medications. .