Passages works directly with physicians to build lasting relationships

What is the Role of the Physician?

The cooperation of the physician in the hospice process is a vital factor in the success of Passages Hospice. The patient's relationship with his/her physician remains the same under Passages Hospice care.

The physician approves any patient admission to Passages Hospice. The physician provides the necessary information about the patient and works out a proper care plan with the Passages Hospice Patient Care Coordinator.

The physician gives palliative orders. The physician gives orders for the patient's pain and symptom management in cooperation with Passages Hospice.

The physician evaluates hospice effectiveness for each patient. The physician remains an active part of the hospice process by receiving health reports about the patient from hospice and directing the patient's plan of care.

The physician bills each patient separately from Pasages Hospice. The physician remains in control of his patient's care and is part of the hospice program but continues to bill the patient separately.